1. Cover the expenses of December and January in which the donations are reduced due to the holiday season;
  2. Increase the number of monthly pledgers who ensure the operation of Blossom;
  3. To teach the children and to renewal in us the true meaning of Christmas;

How to Participate

At Blossom

Different amounts ​​for donation were distributed among the handmade ornaments made by parents and their chindren as part of the Spiritist Education for Children & Babies meeting.

While at Blossom, look for the vine tree that was set up for this year’s campaign. Each ornament hanging from the vine tree has a particular amount attached to it. Simply, choose an amount you want to donate and hand it and communicate it to a Blossom’s worker volunteer.

Donations can be made in the form of a monthly pledge or one-time donation.

After making the donation, take home the ornament, which symbolizes our gratitude and the true meaning of Christmas. Monthly pledgers also get a custom refrigerator magnet.

In place of the ornament, we will place a grave horn symbolizing your donation.

As the donations are made, our vine tree will become fruitful!