The Mansion of the Way by Divaldo Franco

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Divaldo Pereira Franco was born on May 5, 1927 in Feira de Santana, in the interior of the State of Bahia, Brazil, where he is considered one of its most illustrious son. He is also known as one of today’s greatest mediums and Spiritist speakers.

On August 15, 1952, he founded, with some friends, The Mansion of the Way, built on an area of 19 acres, is surrounded by the festive color of its gardens and the deep green of the native forest. Divaldo Franco, together with Nilson de Souza Pereira – Uncle Nilson – founded this work of love and fraternity on August 15, 1952, in the city of Salvador.

The first building of the Mansion of the Way – a name given in honor of the ‘House of the Way’ of the first Christians – was located at 124 Barão de Cotegipe Street, in the district of Calçada, in Salvador. However, it was only in 1955 that the land on which the Mansion of the Way would be built was purchased, located in the district of Pau da Lima, in the city of Salvador.

A two-fold experience was being born: substitute homes, where children were raised in a family environment, according to wise Christian-Spiritist guidelines, and the children’s uncles’ and aunts’ fraternal assistance under Divaldo Franco and Uncle Nilson’s tutelage.

These homes have flourished under the protection and the blessings of the noble Spirit Mentor Joanna de Ângelis, and have contributed to the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of thousands of children who have received from this beehive of love the unique opportunity of a dignified and happy life.

In over forty years, about 680 children and youngsters have lived in these substitute homes until their emancipation. Most of them have started families, building their homes with dignity by working in their chosen field.

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