Monday Wrap-up: 4/17/17

From now on, we will post a summary following the meetings that take place every Monday at 7:30 p.m. Here’s the wrap-up for our last meeting.

Main topic excerpt: Voluntary Torments

Man is incessantly searching for happiness which always escapes him, because pure happiness does not exist here on Earth. However, despite the vicissitudes which form an inevitable procession throughout earthly life, he may at least enjoy relative happiness, if he does not search for it within perishable things subject to the same vicissitudes, that is to say within material enjoyments, instead of seeking it within the delights of the soul. The only real happiness of this world is to be found in heartfelt peace. But Man shows himself avid for all things which agitate and perturb. It is really quite strange! It seems that, while it is possible to avoid problems, Man purposely creates torments for himself. Read more…

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