The 5 books below constitute the base of the Spiritist Doctrine as revealed by Allan Kardec.

Where to buy Spiritist Books:

Systematic Study of Spiritism

Find below the 6 workbooks on the main teachings of Spiritism. The educational material was prepared by the Spiritist Society of Baltimore. Although the material can be helpful to anyone, It is mostly for study group meetings.

  •  Workbook 1
  •  Workbook 2
  •  Workbook 3
  •  Workbook 4
  •  Workbook 5A
  •  Workbook 5B
  •  Workbook 6

Source: SSB

Visit the link below to view/download several brochures created by the US Spiritist Council on key Spiritist topics. The brochures are available in Portuguese and English.